Redshift on AWS

One of the first lessons of data warehousing from yesteryear was that a tremendous upfront vertical infrastructure and licensing investment was required to get started.  First you define your maximum capacity requirement, stand that up and then start paying for that maximum possible capacity all before you have any results.  The cloud has alleviated that required cost paradigm by allowing us to lease infrastructure as we need it via technologies that scale horizontally not just vertically.  One of our favorite tools of the cloud is Amazon Redshift a data warehousing platform available on Amazon Web Services. 

With Redshift you can launch a solution immediately and pay for the capacity you require at any given point-in-time while paying Redshift licensing royalties to AWS at a fraction of the price of more traditional vendors.

It’s not all price and petabyte scalability in choosing Redshift.  We also like Redshift because of its best-in-breed columnar storage structure, design for parallel processing (sharding) and option to keep data in memory.   Let Sherwin Lake Group show you how to minimize your DW investment while maximizing BI query performance with Redshift.

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hive logo sml 

Hive on top of Hadoop … the possibilities seem endless.   Consequently opinions abound as to whether you should process and transform your data with Hive and sqoop it out or just leave it in Hive and make that your data warehouse.  At Sherwin Lake Group we just say YES!.  We love Hive because it makes Hadoop so accessible and we’ve found there really isn’t too much you can’t do to data using Hadoop.  Nobody makes Hadoop more accessible than Amazon Web Services™.   Using AWS we can standup a Hadoop and Hive cluster for you in an afternoon.  If it’s a one-time question you had and you’ve got your answers, just terminate the cluster just as quick and you can stop paying for all that infrastructure.   So is Hive an ETL or a DW tool?  Let your data, project and desired ROI decide whether you need to keep your cluster running.




Data Warehousing In the Cloud

If you’re unsure about your database and analytical technology stack and infrastructure we can help.   Our Data Architects know what will fit your situation and can get you the right platform up and running almost immediately … or we can guide you through selecting from a myriad of cloud provider and technology options.
Great opportunities exist to save money in the cloud with open source and pre-existing application images and low-commitment pay-per-usage leasing options.  Not long ago buying a DW meant purchasing for your maximum capacity over a 3 year period and kicking off with a multi-month procurement and installation phase.  Today, solutions are possible where you pay for the capacity you need at the moment you need it without needing to pause for procurement and installation.

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Data Warehousing Best Practices

At Sherwin Lake Group we’ve been building data warehouses for decades.   If you already own or lease your own infrastructure and software we’re ready to help bring your solution home following the best practices and wisdom from our many ventures.  Our data architects are vendor agnostic and as such have worked with most of the major, traditional data warehouse platforms across most industry verticals.  That breadth of experience helps us solve a problem first by recognizing the proven concept and then match the features to the solution.     

With data warehousing one size does not fit all.  Sherwin Lake Group data architects, data modellers and ETL and BI specialists are happy to work within your established design patterns and standards or help you with some new ones.  Whether your organization likes Star Schemas, 3NF, Data Vaults, Virtualization, semantic layers or none-of-the-above we're experienced, prepared and ready to help.