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Hive on top of Hadoop … the possibilities seem endless.   Consequently opinions abound as to whether you should process and transform your data with Hive and sqoop it out or just leave it in Hive and make that your data warehouse.  At Sherwin Lake Group we just say YES!.  We love Hive because it makes Hadoop so accessible and we’ve found there really isn’t too much you can’t do to data using Hadoop.  Nobody makes Hadoop more accessible than Amazon Web Services™.   Using AWS we can standup a Hadoop and Hive cluster for you in an afternoon.  If it’s a one-time question you had and you’ve got your answers, just terminate the cluster just as quick and you can stop paying for all that infrastructure.   So is Hive an ETL or a DW tool?  Let your data, project and desired ROI decide whether you need to keep your cluster running.