At Sherwin Lake Group we’ve been building data warehouses for decades.   If you already own or lease your own infrastructure and software we’re ready to help bring your solution home following the best practices and wisdom from our many ventures.  Our data architects are vendor agnostic and as such have worked with most of the major, traditional data warehouse platforms across most industry verticals.  That breadth of experience helps us solve a problem first by recognizing the proven concept and then match the features to the solution.     

With data warehousing one size does not fit all.  Sherwin Lake Group data architects, data modellers and ETL and BI specialists are happy to work within your established design patterns and standards or help you with some new ones.  Whether your organization likes Star Schemas, 3NF, Data Vaults, Virtualization, semantic layers or none-of-the-above we're experienced, prepared and ready to help.