At Sherwin Lake Group we canbuild you an ETL competency on the cloud with using one of the original data integration tools that is cloud-enabled.  Or just as easily we can take a fresh approach to ETL by leveraging the power of Hadoop through an ETL interface with one of the up-and-coming players.

If you have an in-house ETL practice with data you need integrated externally, Sherwin Lake Group data architects can help you push your data up to the cloud where we can use your technology to run ELT type transformations on one of the massively parallel cloud DW platforms.

Customers that like to minimize software licensing can solve their requirements by letting our data architects use scripting to push data up to a Hadoop Hive data warehouse type platform.

If you're not sure which way to go: don't sweat it.  Sherwin Lake Group can show you the way.  Consider trying us on for a one-month Proof-of-Concept (POC) where the hardware and software licensing may be free.  You can then shop your POC around to your stakeholders without the pressure of a big, long-lasting infrastructure and services commitment.  At Sherwin Lake Group we not only know how to make your Data Integration initiatives successful but we have the patience to let your data work it's magic, tell stories and solve real problems.