Big data analysis leveraged for smaller companies

An area that we are focusing on, is data analysis that has been practically unavailable for smaller and medium sized company's.

Cloud based server's with affordable space,security, and prossesing power are part of this revolution.

Analytics as a Service

Pardon us as we shamelessly make use of the latest data buzz words.  At Sherwin Lake Group we recognize that running an analytics practice can be highly variable in terms of human and capital resource demands. This is often compounded by the scarcity of highly skilled resources in the space (think Data Scientist).  Many customers acquire these skills only when needed for capital funded projects but then inevitably lose months and budget to recruiting and other bureaucracies.

At Sherwin Lake Group we've addressed this inefficiency by providing data integration, business intelligence and data warehouse consulting services with bundled part-time to full-time "matrix-teams" of consultants available on month-to-month subscriptions.  We refer to this bundled approach as "Analytics-as-a-Service" (AaaS). With AaaS, customers tell us where there data is and what they want to do with it. The SLG matrix-team of consultants then complete the data acquisition, data integrations and transformations to answer the questions through dimensional analysis. Insights that are production worthy are then mapped into Data Visualization tools like Yellowfin where we build best practice dashboards and explorative capabilities.

Analytics-as-a-Service can take on many flavors.  One option is to let Sherwin Lake Group manage and acquire your analytics data in the cloud by answering questions for you as they arise.  A key pro for this approach is handling new scenarios that require a new data source with more disk space or hours of computing time to answer.  Your subscription provides you real-time access to the expertise to identify the exact capacity and technology gap.  Better yet, by leveraging the cloud our consultants can potentially stand up the extra capacity and any firewall rules needed for you that same day.  No special project or prolonged wait for expertise and infrastructure is necessary. 

You can also choose our experts to solve those tougher problems that don't fit into a cube, pivot table or BI report using your existing infrastructure.  Our consultants are versed in answering analytics questions for most industries and common technology platforms using a myriad of available tools.  Use them as a member of your team when you need them.  Don't pay for them while you're still synthesizing our results and planning the next hypothesis. 

Perhaps you're considering using social media and Big Data in your model and don't know what that means for your team/organization.  We know how to do Big Data cost effectively.  With us already onboard you can quickly tap into our expertise to integrate that capability into your landscape.

Customer Matching

Wouldn't it be nice if every source of company and contact information around the world was tagged with your coproate customer number? It can be like that. However, such a utopia is fleeting when you let each provider of demographic and firmographic data try to to do that match for you at variable times of the year.  At Sherwin Lake Group we have proven algorithms for matching customer data to just about any source on the internet.  The SLG matching approach is not a one-size fits all approach but rather we use our best practice algorithms with key words and tags specific to your organization and industry. If you host your analytics platform on the cloud with us then customer matching becomes fully baked into the data acquisition process regardless of the number of sources and frequency of data you use.  If you choose to host your own infrastructure and licenses, that works as well: our matching solution can be ported to most any data integration tool you work with.

Acquiring Your Analytics Data

Is your organization effectively sourcing, structuring, integrating, conforming and analyzing all of the data you need for analytics in a timely manner?  Perhaps you have hundreds or thousands of human hours that must be completed for each campaign, product launch or planning data acquisition effort while most of your infrastructure sits idle.  The paradigm is further stressed as you begin relying on external big data sources for your decisions.  At Sherwin Lake Group we have a couple of angles for you to consider where we like to help.

  1. Automate 80% or more of your human related tasks using modern-day integration tools reducing your data acquistion cycle by a corresponding ratio.
  2. Move your data to the cloud where you can park your detailed data offline while you're not using it.  This could free up 80-90% of your infrastructure spend.  Using today's big data technologies Sherwin Lake Group can reboot all your data back to online access for analytics in a matter of hours.

If social media, unstructured or other peta-byte scale sources are in your future then both options may be an inevitability.  Let's discuss how further automating your data processes on the cloud may look today vs. tomorrow.  A reduction in your program's total-cost-of-ownership is likely already possible.  After talking we'll calculate the hard numbers and produce the facts and options for you to support making those decisions.