Is your organization effectively sourcing, structuring, integrating, conforming and analyzing all of the data you need for analytics in a timely manner?  Perhaps you have hundreds or thousands of human hours that must be completed for each campaign, product launch or planning data acquisition effort while most of your infrastructure sits idle.  The paradigm is further stressed as you begin relying on external big data sources for your decisions.  At Sherwin Lake Group we have a couple of angles for you to consider where we like to help.

  1. Automate 80% or more of your human related tasks using modern-day integration tools reducing your data acquistion cycle by a corresponding ratio.
  2. Move your data to the cloud where you can park your detailed data offline while you're not using it.  This could free up 80-90% of your infrastructure spend.  Using today's big data technologies Sherwin Lake Group can reboot all your data back to online access for analytics in a matter of hours.

If social media, unstructured or other peta-byte scale sources are in your future then both options may be an inevitability.  Let's discuss how further automating your data processes on the cloud may look today vs. tomorrow.  A reduction in your program's total-cost-of-ownership is likely already possible.  After talking we'll calculate the hard numbers and produce the facts and options for you to support making those decisions.