For customers without in-house technology requirements, Sherwin Lake Group provides Whole-View a bundled, complete stack of BI technologies for lease over the cloud on a month-to-month subscription basis.  Our Whole-View Analytics Platform-as-a-Service (APaaS) allows customers to build dashboards to Get the Whole View of their organization using online Data Visualization and Analytics technology directly off their internet accessible datasources.  The dashboarding capabilities can be extended to include SLG's hosted online Data Integration, Data Warehousing and ETL capabilities for more advanced requirements like building a 360 degree view of your Customer. 

Visit our site to learn all about using online Data Visualization within a proven configuration and team of administrative support staff with acces to experts on-demand.  To learn more about how Sherwin Lake Group can build you an online advanced capability like building a 360 degree view of your customer visit our site

Whole-View can be procured immediately via credit card and be running in under a day using SLG's existing multi-tenant cloud for minimal cost.  With the SLG cloud, the infrastructure and technology is already in place. Free trials are usually available.

Customers requiring a private environment can have us stand-up their own private, secure GetWholeView environment in our Sherwin Lake Group cloud in a couple of days or build their own whole-view environment on their cloud or on-premise in about a week.  Other custom hosting options using your own, other privately licensed software is also available.