The trusted partner outsourcing model is where your analytics consulting firm will operate a cloud account for your organization on your behalf.  Your account would be with a major cloud platform vendor like AWS, Rackspace, Azure or Google Cloud.  Within this account you’d have a fixed monthly budget for infrastructure and software which your trusted partner would have full discretion to use as part of your subscription with them to solve analytic problems.  Your consulting partner may have other customers however your account’s infrastructure and technology would be isolated and managed independently from those other customers.  You may choose to limit security access to your cloud account to one or more dedicated consultants within your partner firm to prevent misuse.

Using the Redshift/Vertica example from our prior post, your account would likely include its own datawarehouse platform that operates out of your own budget.  However, if your consulting partner decides they need a Hadoop cluster temporarily to answer an analytics question, budget should be present to afford the temporary capacity increase.  The customer involvement in technology decisions to answer a question is purely optional and the discretion of the customer.