Today the AWS cloud has facilitated the removal of risk from an Oracle/MS/Teradata to Redshift Lift & Shift project on a couple of fronts.  The most recognized means of risk removal is that AWS has minimized infrastructure and licensing cost risks by allowing the provisioning of Redshift servers on an hourly basis: which includes license charges. 

The lesser known means of risk reduction comes from the AWS partner network.  Vendors, like Sherwin Lake Group (SLG) have developed a clever means to lift your Data Warehouse one-time into a Redshift instance without any commitment to buy the solution.  You try out all of your data and new data model on Redshift.  If you like the results and see the benefit you pay a pre-negotiated fixed fee for the lifted data warehouse at the time you choose to buy.  If you don't like the results, SLG drops your shifted database and you pay nothing.

The SLG's of the world are able to assume the risk of that initial Lift & Shift effort by reusing scripting utilities and best practices they own and have gleaned from other, similar Lift & Shift projects they've done to the AWS cloud.  The results they've seen elsewhere have given them the confidence that customers will see the combined benefit of Redshift performance and their Lift & Shift best practices and project speed and want to keep the results. 

Logistically SLG will perform the initial lift to a Redshift instance they manage.  Upon buying, they'll backup and restore the Redshift instance to the customer's own VPN as part of the purchase cost.  Only upon buying the shifted solution does the customer gets to see their tuned Redshift data model and gain access to export and import code.  Other options they provide include hosting the shifted data warehouse solution in their secure mutli-tenant environment.

To evaluate the solution, SLG equips the customer with a sample BI app also on AWS that would perform real-time queries against the new Redshift database.  The idea is to benchmark the sample BI app against what the customer is accustomed to with their legacy solution.  SLG is confident that the new Redshift solution will blow away the benchmark.  In summary, a risk to an organization in need of a Lift & Shift project can be hedged by AWS and SLG whom don't carry the same risk.