SLG, short for Sherwin Lake Group, was founded in 2013 as a collaboration of four IT veteran-leaders within the Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Data Integration space to help business areas break free from expensive, IT managed, long turnaround time solutions.  The concept was simple.  Use slg skill with quick-deployed, low-cost or existing infrastructure to get the data fast and iteratively according to best practice.  Within each iteration, present information with an eye towards critical business thinking to allow for quicker decisions and capturing of feedback for the next loop.  The rise of cloud environments in the early years was no coincidence and something slg fully embraced.

Ten years later, slg still serves most of it’s early customers among many others.  While the technologies and best practices have evolved with us, the original slg concept has proven to be timeless.

    Sherwin Lake Group, 1205 W Sherwin Ave suite 109, Chicago, IL 60626