Trust is one of the most under-discussed but important topics with data. The most brilliant analytics, integrations, models or solutions often fall on deaf ears at the slightest hint of inaccurate, incomplete or noise-tarnished information. Adoption of the capability inevitably fails if the solution owner cannot defend the challenges of a potential gap. 

The Box & Whisker of Truth


At slg, we tackle trust by using experienced developer and architects that know how to code for the unforeseen event up front, catch-it and report it so it can be proactively managed before shared with stake holders. Slg Data scientists have MBAs and Data Architecture experience so they can understand the breadth, context, scope and business assumptions of the data their working with so they can avoid pointing to a trend or prediction that just mirrors fundamental differences in product lines or customer segments.

Machine Learning is all the rage these days. We love it too at slg and are helping our customers embrace the possibility within their Business Intelligence practices. As sexy as ML may be let’s make sure your stakeholders trust the data you feed your models before they’re asked to take a leap of faith in an AI black box. Together we can avoid AI being the next brilliant solution that fails adoption and misses the ROI.